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My Apprenticeship Journey

Amena Zepherin




I’m loving learning about data analytics in a well-structured way. I’ve tried learning more about data analytics before but there’s so much information out there and it’s difficult to separate the good from the bad. Before the apprenticeship, I struggled with Data visualisation and Python but now I have developed a great love for both. The tutors explained all the concepts in an understandable way and the lessons were very rewarding. 

I have already completely changed careers to be much more involved with data analytics and I believe this is all down to the apprenticeship. It has given me the key skills to be an effective data analyst and it’s also given me the grounding to then be able to look at other learning opportunities and add them to my knowledge base. 


My challenge required analysing material requisition data from a large infrastructure project. I wanted to get an understanding of what materials prices, price variations and ultimately try to develop a tool which could identify and alert when the best time to buy was. 

A couple of data scientists joined the team and we seemed to be making good progress until we realised the data quality was bad. The project ended up being an exercise on data quality, how to improve it and what impact the poor data quality had on the final output. 



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