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How I became a Data Evangelist

Amena Zepherin



If you’d ask me 6 months ago what a data analyst did, I would've given you a shrug at best, but after the intensive week involving a crash course in Python Scripting and Power BI followed by my first Hackathon, I think I’ve turned into a data evangelist. 


Apprentices can take advantage of the Government Apprenticeship Levy, enabling them to get advanced analytics training at no cost to themselves or their employers. 

I previously spent two days at Project:Hack as a complete novice. Without a lot of tech skills to offer my small team, I focused on the User Stories, dashboards and the presentation. But what I saw being developed by the hundreds of people in attendance was staggering. 

As a more mature student with a well-established role at Costain, I don’t really see myself becoming a full-time data analyst. What I would like to do with the skills I gained from the apprenticeship is take the new skills back to the projects to produce and share useful project management tools. Also I see a side-quest in championing a Data-as-an-Asset movement. 

Data is much like any real physical asset. It can be optimized in vast quantities, learned from and focused onto real world outputs. To do this we need people to translate Client Needs into problem statements that have answers lurking inside of data. This is where I see myself operating. 


Andrews' foresight for data analytics is inspiring. Every intake at the academy demonstrates to us the value in bringing data analytics to project delivery and it's great to see them go on to pioneer change within their organizations. 



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