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Interactive Event: The Road to Project Data Analytics Greatness, in 2 hours


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The Road to Project Data Analytics Greatness is back! After popular demand, we have decided to rerun our interactive session for those who couldn't attend!

Within this session James Smith, PhD will be walking you through all the components of project data analytics, through the lens of a project delivery professional. Many existing roles will look radically different in a few years time; for some it will be a matter of adapt or become obsolete.

We will cover everything that we'll need in our armoury to adapt over the coming years. From Power BI to automation, data pipelines to Python. We will explain why we'll need it, what we can do with it and how to go about it all in a practical manner. Doesn’t this sound like IT?! We don’t think so -these capabilities are becoming mainstream and a key part of our future project delivery roles.

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