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Preparing for Project:Hack 8: A Masterclass


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In the field of Project Data Analytics a lot of what is possible is unrecognised by the majority of the project community. We developed Project:Hack to show the art of the possible within a weekend. Project:Hack was created to provide a platform for professionals and students to get hands-on experience working with data on real business challenges.

Our 8th instalment of Project:Hack is on the horizon and we're looking to optimise your experience by building your competitive appetite and preparing you for the upcoming event.

This talk will feature guest speakers and advocates of Project:Hack from various organisations and sectors who will give insight into their past experiences of the event and how you can bring tangible benefits to your organisation.

The Talk:
- A run through of how challenges are developed in line with organisations and sponsors
- What to expect at your first Project:Hack and how to tackle it
- Case Studies of how challenges were tackled within teams over two days, which include:
1. Tracking Covid-19 Transmission Hotspots
2. Health & Safety Incident Predictions
3. Predictive Hit/Release Modelling in Projects
- Insights of the event from Data Scientists
- How to get started with Project:Hack8

The Speakers:
- Andrew Dickinson (Leading-Edge Consultancy Solutions at Costain Ltd.)
- James Smith (CTO at Projecting Success)
- Katie Mcloughlin (Transport Planner at Jacobs)
- Yoshi Soornack (Consultant & Hack Event Lead at Projecting Success)
- Ben Morris (Data Scientist at Projecting Success)
- Jamie Randall-Schab (Programme Reporting Lead at Palace of Westminster)
- Pedro Bureo (Senior Program Manager at Baker Hughes)
- Matt Paver (Data Analyst at Projecting Success)
- John Jenkins (Data Analyst at Projecting Success)

At the Project Data Analytics Community we aim for our events to ignite the professional imagination on what can be achieved and shape the future of project delivery. This could be your first step on a journey to pioneering solutions that have never been done before.


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