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Project:Hack 12


Welcome to Project:Hack 12 - TBC Online or In-person

EARLY BIRD TICKETS ON SALE HERE - Project:Hack 12 Tickets, Sat 4 Dec 2021 at 09:00 | Eventbrite

Project:Hack12 will bring together business analysts, project delivery experts and data scientists to push boundaries and develop innovative solutions to enhance project delivery outcomes.

  • Win prizes worth thousands of pounds, Project:Hack11 had £5000!
  • Opportunities to network and impress organisations such as NHS,  TFL, MPA, Sir Robert McAlpine and a whole host of others across various sectors
  • An opportunity to earn a paid summer internship with Projecting Success, work on real project challenges and learn to leverage data effectively
  • A whole host of new challenges to tackle and impress thought leaders in project delivery who will be judging your solutions

For more specific information, visit our hack page https://www.projectdataanalytics.co.uk/projecthack/

Project:Hack Aims:

Explore methods and tools to transform how insights and value can be extracted from project data. Ranging from risk and schedule data through to on site presence of personnel.

Enable delivery professionals to understand the predisposition of projects to specific challenges, to predict them arising and take action to avoid the avoidable.

Ignite the professional imagination on what can be achieved and shape the future of project delivery.

Project:Hack12 Challenges TBC

See previous Project:Hack11 Challenge solutions here -


For the latest news follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn & Facebook using #projecthack.

Let’s get started!

We'll start the event by introducing the challenges and the data sets. You'll then have the opportunity to pitch your idea to the crowd to invite team members, or join a team whose idea you want to work on. The remainder of the weekend will be spent developing the concepts, interrogating the data, building proof of concepts and delivering a solid pitch to support it. Finally, you'll get the opportunity to present to industry experts who will judge your proposal.

Happy to support you!

There will be online support. Data scientists, PowerBI experts and subject matter experts will help you with technical queries and mentors will guide you towards the perfect pitch. Computer science students are also welcome.It promises to be a great couple of days with food, drinks, ideas and bucket loads of fun.

The only requirement is to come with a lot of bright ideas and enthusiasm!


We had over 200 register to the last event. In order to ensure that people only book who intend to come to the event, we will be charging a fee. All ticket proceeds, less VAT and platform fees, will be donated to Cancer Research. Please note that platform fees are non-refundable (Eventbrite policy).


We are seeking sponsors for this event. Please get in touch if you are interested in supporting it.


What do I need to bring to the event?

Your laptop, access to any software that you are likely to need and bucket loads of enthusiasm.

Am I guaranteed a place?

We'll do our best to accommodate everyone.

How will my ideas be managed?

Your ideas belong to you. Its your intellectual property. But we encourage all attendees to share their code for the benefit of the community wherever possible. We will load all solutions onto the community portal unless you advise us otherwise.

How will my personal data be used?

Purely for the administration of this event, future events and any agreed follow up actions. It will not be used for any other purposes.

What is the photo policy?

A key part of the hack is to build momentum across the community and inspire people. We would like to screen shots and videos of Zoom for social media and videos. But if you would prefer not to be involved then please email Amenaz@projectingsuccess.co.uk



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