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Changing the Economics of Construction Projects & Data-Derived Forecasting


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Dev is the Co-Founder and CEO of nPlan, a machine learning company that learns how completed construction projects are performed to forecast the outcomes of future projects.

Changing the economics of construction using examples and case studies of projects that have embraced data-derived forecasting.

During the talk, Dev will share and explore examples of how and where nPlan has been used to change the economics of the construction industry, for projects, contractors and clients. We'll dive into how data and insights are used to change the dynamics at play during the bidding process, for the benefit of both client and contractor, which ultimately means significant improvements on the economics (or margins) achieved. This is a chance to hear about how transformative data can truly be; it's no longer the side act.


Dev is the CEO and co-founder of nPlan and his experience is in delivering construction projects with Shell, spanning 3 continents over 9 years. Following this, Dev worked within the UK Government to launch and deliver the national review on AI, which was published as part of the Industrial Strategy in 2017. Since his review concluded, more than £1.5B has been allocated by the Government into the progression of AI.

Dev has a strong passion to change the way projects are delivered through empowered decisions, enabled by data.


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