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The Project Data Analytics Task Force Meetup


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Following the launch of the Project Data Analytics Task Force last September, we have seen excellent engagement from project and data professionals from various sectors looking to get involved. The workstreams have been working tirelessly to explore and develop opportunities to accelerate the vision and be an engine for change.

Join us on the 23rd November to get a glimpse of how the teams have been delivering this change, with an update of their progress, what they are currently working on and what they have in development for 2022. This will cover Solutions Development, Data Access, Data Quality, Research, Skills and Engagement.

Hear from the WorkStream Leads which include:

Prof Tim Broyd, Director, UCL (Co-Chair),
Andy Murray, Exec Director, MPA

Solutions Development:
Alex Robertson, Digital Deployment Lead-Projects, Petrofac

Data Access:
Grant Findlay, Director of Strategy & Innovation, Sir Robert McAlpine,
Gareth Parkes, Head of Data, Sir Robert McAlpine

Data Quality:
Martin Paver, CEO, Projecting Success (Co-Chair)

Sue Simmonite, Global Project Management & Control Director, BAE Systems
Oliver Cowey, Corporate Project Controls Manager, BAE Systems

Jo Jolly, Deputy Director, Environment Agency
Ronald Dyer, Programme Director of TUoS EMBA, University of Sheffield
Breda Ryan, Director of Programme Controls Function Major Projects, Jacobs

The Challenge
Project management creates between £150-170bn of economic value annually in the UK. Yet, the effectiveness and efficiency of productivity remains stubbornly low. PMI’s Pulse of the Profession studies frequently demonstrate the high cost of low performance, as projects fail to meet original goals or business intent, finish late and over budget, experience scope creep or are deemed to be outright failures.

The analysis by the University of Oxford’s Prof. Bent Flyvbjerg and Dr. Alex Budzier on ~12,000 global major projects concluded that the probability of a project being delivered on budget, on time and delivering the benefits defined in the business case is only 0.5%

According to recent RICS reports, 95% of project data is used once only, and never used again. And yet, by leveraging the rich seam of project delivery data that exists across the profession, we have an opportunity to make a step-change in project management - delivering more projects for less, with a significantly increased return on investment and a high degree of confidence.

The Project Data Analytics Task Force exists to facilitate a Project Delivery Transformation. However, the vision will only become a reality if we work collegiately. It is an opportunity for everyone, at every level to play their part


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