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Bringing Data to Life with the Microsoft Power Platform: A Masterclass


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Our second masterclass of 2021 will be led by Chris Huntingford!

This class will focus on giving you a full overview of the components within Microsoft's Power Platform and how they can be leveraged in your specific areas. We will take a look at the technical architecture and then snap this to several use cases to bring the technology to life.

Some more information about Chris and his work:

“I’m a geek and proud to admit it! I’m also a rather large, talkative South African who plays drums, wears horrendous Hawaiian shirts and has an affinity for engaging in as many social gatherings as humanly possible. have an intense enthusiasm for technology. I Currently work within the Avanade Global Center of Excellence team. I am a terrific tinkerer, a passionate problem solver and a magical maker. As long as I am creating something, I feel fulfilled. Technology provides me with my creative outlet, especially in a digital format.”


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