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How to ignite behavioural change by using design thinking and data storytelling


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We have all worked in organisations that suffer from MI overload, that create constant reporting cycles and seem to have endless data but yet are not very data-driven when it comes to decision making. Very few of the many project reports and portfolio dashboards that we create today are actually used effectively by stakeholders to either stay informed or make decisions (still heavily relying on meeting discussions and ad-hoc verbal updates).

As we accelerate advances in project data analytics and the application of machine learning in project predictability, we need to ensure the outputs are understandable and usable to avoid creating more noise that can’t be consumed. This is especially important when applying ML / AI solutions as we have to overcome key trust and explainability challenges in adopting ‘black box’ outputs.

So before we get frustrated that no one uses or understands the sophisticated data solutions that we can create, we need to step back and think like product designers. At the end of the day we are creating data ‘products’ to help get a job done. These need to align to the needs and behaviours of both end users and decision makers.

The data outputs we create need to be easily consumed by being timely, relevant and actionable. In this meet-up we will explore how design thinking, data storytelling and behavioural change are as important as the data solution itself in enabling step change in how stakeholders use them and adopt a culture of data-driven decision making.

Speaker Bio:

Craig Mackay is CEO and co-founder of Sharktower, a B2B SaaS company providing AI-driven project management software. Craig has over 20 years’ experience in delivering large scale organisational and technology transformations. With experience in lean, systems thinking, user experience, customer journeys, behavioural psychology and design thinking - Craig understands that successful change management is fundamental to all project and solution delivery.

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