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Please Sign up and join the club to view feedback information. Project:Hack brings together business analysts, project delivery experts and data scientists / analysts to push boundaries and innovative new solutions to real world industry challenges using datasets from major players to enhance project delivery. Meet a wide network of data and project professionals who can open doors into their sector and make your mark by pitching to senior decision makers in top tier organisations See our Hack page for more information on how you can register https://www.projectdataanalytics.co.uk/projecthack/
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  2. Hi Everyone, A huge thanks to everyone who supported and participated in Project:Hack13! I have attached the consolidated feedback and scores from all of our judges. We hope that you find the feedback helpful in preparing for Project:Hack14 in April! Hope to see you there! What do you think? What would you do to improve? Hack 13 judges Feedback.xlsx
  3. Hi There, Someone interested in this topic? Pls give me a shout I'll be attending in person, however I'll assist after lunch day 1.
  4. Hi fellow hackers, Challenge 1 is looking interesting to me - Project Plan Evolution Dashboard, is anyone looking to put a team together?
  5. Challenge Overview Can we use GPT-3 to break down projects into specific tasks that need completing? Can we use schedule data for training this model? Challenge Breakdown This challenge uses GPT-3 a heavily restricted natural language model. Consider the classic scenario of the task breakdown for creating a cup of tea. Your task will be to use GPT-3 to create a tool that can break down projects into the tasks needed to complete them. This will allow project managers to compare to current tasks breakdowns and inform on future ones. For those of you who faced a GPT-3 challenge before you will find yourself once again challenged and once again shocked by the possibilities of GPT-3.
  6. Challenge Overview Can we use an application to allow employees to log quickly and easily what work they have done on each project? Can I receive a live visualization on what work has been logged by my teams? Challenge Breakdown This challenge aims to tackle one of the biggest problems facing companies today. How to effectively monitor staff work. This will involve creating a simple and intuitive app to collect staff timesheets and present them live to management for them to have a clear picture of what work is being done on what project. You will need to carefully consider the User Interface and what should be done to make this process as streamline and fast as possible, even for those not used to recording timesheet and using applications.
  7. Challenge Overview Can we predict when a piece of equipment will have a fault by using historical maintenance data? Can we use our equipment failure data to streamline our maintenance and reduce cost? Challenge Breakdown This challenge is all about working with an unclean data set. You will have to sort through the data to find insight and potentially use language processing to find the root cause of equipment failure from maintenance logs. You will be provided with two data sets, one with long descriptions and one without. You can pick and choose what you use for insight with the goal of streamlining equipment maintenance and reducing how often equipment will need to be checked and potentially see if equipment failure can be pre-empted.
  8. Challenge Overview Can we use analytics to determine how best to approach winning public sector contract? Can we determine if our bids will be successful and if they are worth investing in? Challenge Breakdown This challenge is to see how we can use past sales data to inform actions – predictive and prescriptive analytics – for future sales actions. You will be using public sector contract data to see if it can be used to determine how to approach contract bids in the future. You will need to sort through the data and link it to other data sources as well as potentially using word analysis to see what common trends there are in the comments about project development.
  9. Challenge Overview Can we gain useful insight into when a project is likely to go over budget and when the work hours dedicated to a project are running beyond expectation? Can we visualise this information in order for it to be easily represented and shown to management and key decision makers in the company? And in a way that clearly identifies potentially best & worst practice by different contract delivery teams? Challenge Breakdown This challenge is about measuring project performance. You will be provided with data regarding projects timelines and budget and it will be up to you to compare teams and contracts in order to help mitigate the risk of struggling projects. You will need to prepare the data in a dashboard to highlight successful teams and offer advance warning on when a project may start going overbudget. There are a lot of possibilities in the data and it will be up to you to find what the most impactful trends are.
  10. Challenge Overview Can we create a python script to scrape target websites and trim articles to appropriate size? Can we use automation to send those trimmed articles out to key people in a weekly email? Challenge Breakdown This challenge is about web scraping and summarising. Your job is to create a tool that accesses certain company websites, takes recently posted articles, summarises them, then sends a weekly email to employees. This email will contain all that week’s summarised articles in an easily digestible form. This tool could be used in almost any industry and there are many opportunities to sharpen your coding and automation skills. We will also be providing access to GPT-3 the exciting natural language processing tool. In addition to creating the program to collect the articles you are also welcome to use GPT-3's inbuilt tools to explore an alternate way to summarise and format the data.
  11. Challenge Overview Can we use automation to scrape through and catalogue our PDF training certificates? Can we create a tool that can be used for different awarding bodies? Challenge Breakdown A challenge all about analysing and storing the data from PDF certificates. In this challenge you will need to develop a tool or set of tools to read in PDF's with different formatting from different awarding bodies. This means that company training can be automatically stored and processed. This tool will be a massive time saver for companies that do a lot of regular training sessions.
  12. Challenge Overview Can we analyse all our scope 3 emission data and use it to find the outliers to target for improvement? Can we create an app that allows us to view our scope 3 emissions live and that can show us our emissions based on certain filters? i.e. Location, region, source Challenge Breakdown This challenge is all about reporting Scope 3 emissions. There is a lot to consider when it comes to what a company is indirectly responsible for when it comes to emissions and this challenge will be about sorting through that data and trying to find where they can be reduced. You will also be producing a system to calculate employee commuting emissions based on their address (data anonymised) and using that to find out which offices have the highest commuting emissions.
  13. Challenge Overview Can we create an app that can be used on sites to record our hazard data? Can we use object recognition to complete hazard reports? Challenge Breakdown This challenge is about using object recognition to partially automate hazard reporting. This challenge has a clear use case in various industries and may become a great tool for hazard reporting in the future. You will need to create an application that can take a picture of a hazard and attempt to complete a hazard reporting tool on its own.
  14. Challenge Overview Can we create a tool to automate the collection of monthly report updates and combine them into a single document? Can we ensure that correct formatting is adhered to and that as much of the process is automated as possible? Challenge Breakdown This challenge is to create an automated tool that produces monthly project reports and heavily reduces manual admin. You will be creating a tool with a wide potential application that will be relevant to almost all industries. It will be important to make your tool as easy to use as possible and present it as an efficient time saver.

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