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Project:Hack brings together business analysts, project delivery experts and data scientists / analysts to push boundaries and innovative new solutions to real world industry challenges using datasets from major players to enhance project delivery. Meet a wide network of data and project professionals who can open doors into their sector and make your mark by pitching to senior decision makers in top tier organisations See our Hack page for more information on how you can register https://www.projectdataanalytics.co.uk/projecthack/
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  2. Hi Everyone, A huge thanks to everyone who supported and participated in Project:Hack9! I have attached the consolidated feedback and scores from all of our judges. We hope that you find the feedback helpful in preparing for Project:Hack10. Hope to see you at the next one! Dates to be announced soon. What do you think? What would you do to improve? Feedback Hack9.xlsx NOTE: To download the feedback, please join the Project:Hack club
  3. Hi, I am keen on this particular challenge, but would like to scope out others who are also interested to begin forming a team. Any interested takers>? Torben
  4. Cool to see a mental health challenge in here, this sounds great! Is anyone interested in forming a team to give this one a go?
  5. If you want to learn more about Project:Hack9 please see the hack page Project Hack - Project Data Analytics Community If you want to register for the event, please see the Eventbrite page https://bityl.co/70ih
  6. Challenge Overview Can we develop an accurate and robust machine learning model to improve cost forecasting on construction projects? We would then like to integrate this model with our existing dashboard. Challenge Breakdown A challenge that builds on the work of the Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) with the University of Nottingham. This challenge intends to improve cost forecasting and/modelling to make it an automated and efficient way to reduce cost. The challenge is to create a machine learning prediction model and further develop our dashboard to allow automatic access to the predictions. The data itself is from the BCIS a paid subscription service. The data provided will just be for the hackathon itself. You will be developing a predictive model using project level information. Skills: Learn Power Bi through an existing dashboard Develop your programming skills (for machine learning specifically) Learn Power Automation and create work flows
  7. Challenge Overview Can we utilise GPT-3 to create tailored messages to different stakeholder groups based on contextual project information and message templates? Challenge Breakdown A challenge that involves using the power of a state-of-the-art natural language model (GPT-3) to automatically create tailored messages to different stakeholder groups on a construction project. You will need to create personalised messages to the various stakeholders using the data provided as prompts to GPT-3. You are required to 'engineer' the prompts that you provide the model to achieve the desired outputs. Skills: Working with APIs Using the GPT-3 natural language model Investigation into data-driven stakeholder management
  8. Challenge Overview Can we use the power of graph databases and graph analytics to identify weaknesses that exist within the supply chain of a portfolio of projects? Challenge Breakdown A challenge to find supply chain weakness. You will be using US government data to develop complex graphs using Neo4j or something similar. With focus on graphing, this challenge allows you to explore the more advance visualization options while still challenging you to keep it relevant and informative. You will need to identify critical metrics of the supply chains and reveal the most vital elements. Skills: Use Neo4j A focus on complex graphs Work with a large dataset
  9. Challenge Overview Can we use gitHub's API to search through existing repositories to determine how long a programming project will take to develop and how likely it is that there will be delays in development? Challenge Breakdown A challenge about predicting how long a programming project will take. This challenge requires you to gain meta data from GitHub a free programming repository. Use the huge data set to create a search function to be able to see how long certain types of projects take to develop. Use tags and whatever data you can find to inform these searches to provide as much insight as you can get. Skills: Web scrapping and API handling Learn Power BI Work with a massive and varied set of data Find your own insight and decide what is important
  10. Challenge Overview Traditional project plans regards dates and durations as being known and deterministic, a simplified model which often struggles when it encounters the realities of execution. This challenge is focussed around the opposite - obtaining insights from a plan where all dates and durations are described in terms of probability distributions. Challenge Breakdown A challenge to find insight into milestone data and nondeterministic durations. The data set for this challenge contains task information and how long it is predicted to take, compare this with a variable result and find insight on where bottlenecks and issues occur. Use decision topology information and create your own metrics to present the data in a meaningful way and perhaps find additional insight into what is important. Skills: Learn Power BI Use data to inform about project management Learn and develop new visualisations for project management Create your own metrics
  11. Challenge Overview Can we perform a detailed investigation into the design performance on our portfolio of projects, developing a set of metrics based on project financial performance. We would also like to understand in detail the performance on individual projects, to allow Project Managers to implement mitigating action. Challenge Breakdown A challenge to measure the performance of a project and where it can be optimized. In this challenge you will have to combine various data sets to establish a metric for project performance. We will provide some performance metric ideas but it will be up to you to get useful insight from the data. Take RFIs, drawings and project level infomation to create dax or python queries to find the insight you need. Skills: Handling and linking multiple data sets Learn Power BI and DAX Find new insight in the data Build meaningful visuals for project managers
  12. Challenge Overview: Can we create a tool to flag potential concerns within the cost budget for a project based upon forecast and actual cost data from previous projects? Challenge Breakdown: A challenge about using past data to see where cost forecasts may be inaccurate. This challenge will have you using the provided data to try and find trends in unexpected purchase costs. Then you will use this metric to warn staff if their future predictions do not match what has happened in the past. We want you to try and find deeper insight with this challenge and provide us with ways to take full advantage of this data. Skills: Finding insight in limited data Developing metrics to predict what may happen in the future Learn Power BI Explore new and relevant ways of helping businesses prepare for new projects
  13. Challenge Overview Can we create a reporting tool to receive weekly updates on the mental health of our teams throughout various projects? Can we gain insight from this data and create a flow that keeps management appraised of our teams' mood and needs? Challenge Breakdown A challenge to explore the topic of mental health in the working world. This challenge is about developing a mental health reporting system for various companies to use to track their staffs mental health in relation to project management. The task is open ended and we are very excited to see what may be possible in this space. Skills: Learn Power BI, Power Apps and Power Automate Develop a solution that will act as a foundation for the future of mental health reporting Work on new ideas to explore new possibilities Develop the full flow of a new solution
  14. Challenge Overview Can we efficiently display relevant visuals for all our health, safety and environment data that is easy to understand and tailored to employees at different roles? Challenge Breakdown A challenge to develop four unique dashboards in an attempt to set an industry standard. Work with various different data sets to try and tell a story and create reusable dashboards. This challenge is all about creating the insight. The four dashboards are about HSE metrics and developing a method to provide all the health and safety data to a project manager and higher management. Using data about incident reports, waste and carbon emissions help to improve safety in multiple industries. Skills: Learn Power BI Create vital insight for multiple industries Develop a solution meant for project managers and learn to tell a story with your data
  15. Challenge Overview Can we scrape project cost estimates from an unstructured data source into a structured form? We will be developing a visualised search tool to be able to access this data in a quick and efficient manner. Challenge Breakdown Budgeting and estimation in the construction industry is a vital but often a time-consuming endeavour. Can we build a testable dashboard to search through this data and gain further insight into the data through visualisation? This challenge is about making it easier to work with unstructured data to search and find information. The challenge will require you to take a pdf filled with data and tables and pull that all into a completely new structure. You will then have to provide a search feature to allow industry professionals from a non-technical background, the opportunity to search for the things that they need. In this challenge you will develop your critical skills through collecting data from unstructured sources, developing queries and learning the ins and outs of the Power BI and Azure Cognitive search features.

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