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Application of data science to commence digitization journey

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     Data is next oil, which is being quoted every now and then quoted by various Digital transformation Evangelist. But when it comes to construction industry which is highly unorganized and every project is different from other in size & type, managing cost and timelines are the biggest challenge on project. Analyzing & cleansing of data is always a challenge to get the required insight

              I came across an interesting case study of application of data science in medical field, where with various test result of thousands of patients having cancer are compiled on various parameters of medical test performed & few of the physical factor. Study was made to analyze this data and conclusion was drawn that what is the combination of parameters which lead to cancer in patient. This will help to identify cancer in its early stage and would lead to proactive approach towards treating the patient.(https://towardsdatascience.com/how-data-science-enables-early-cancer-diagnosis-6221ae841ae3)

As I belong to construction industry; I always think there are 2 types of cancer for our projects which is time and cost delay which ruins the profitability of any project and companies in long run.

Considering time aspect of the project . We are able to identify Activities that are getting delayed through schedules, but why these activities are getting delayed what are the under lining department(Safety/quality/billing/accounts/planning/subcontractor etc), process, function which are causing these delays across many projects within company can be analyzed and studied by applying data science.

Analyzing various activities which are delayed in a project, across various project, across companies, across various geographies will give us enough evidence which of process, function and department is contributing most of delay. This will in turn help companies to prioritize digital transformation /change management initiative in phased manner.

I feel this kind of approach will help large organization, where legacy software & process are prevalent and moving away from the same by replacing all the department & function simultaneously would be a great challenge and hamper ongoing project productivity. Analysis of past data would help companies to finalize the digital road map for the companies in phased manner , and select the department /process which has maximum impact on project productivity & profitability first. 


The possibilities of Big Data Analytics are exciting in the construction industry. It will open up new horizon of opportunities for construction companies by helping them in improving project management by reducing costs, mitigating risks involved, and time taken in completing the project. 

Note :One of the biggest challenge would be gathering such data and organizing the same in format so it can be analyzed(cleansing) .But I am confident its not impossible with advancement in technology.





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