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Challenge 5: Article web scraping for opportunity monitoring

Amena Zepherin

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Challenge Overview

Can we create a python script to scrape target websites and trim articles to appropriate size? Can we use automation to send those trimmed articles out to key people in a weekly email? 

Challenge Breakdown

This challenge is about web scraping and summarising. Your job is to create a tool that accesses certain company websites, takes recently posted articles, summarises them, then sends a weekly email to employees. This email will contain all that week’s summarised articles in an easily digestible form. This tool could be used in almost any industry and there are many opportunities to sharpen your coding and automation skills. We will also be providing access to GPT-3 the exciting natural language processing tool. In addition to creating the program to collect the articles you are also welcome to use GPT-3's inbuilt tools to explore an alternate way to summarise and format the data.  

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