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Challenge 6: Work Scope Log Visualization

Amena Zepherin

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Challenge Overview

Can we gain useful insight into when a project is likely to go over budget and when the work hours dedicated to a project are running beyond expectation? Can we visualise this information in order for it to be easily represented and shown to management and key decision makers in the company? And in a way that clearly identifies potentially best & worst practice by different contract delivery teams? 


Challenge Breakdown

This challenge is about measuring project performance. You will be provided with data regarding projects timelines and budget and it will be up to you to compare teams and contracts in order to help mitigate the risk of struggling projects. You will need to prepare the data in a dashboard to highlight successful teams and offer advance warning on when a project may start going overbudget. There are a lot of possibilities in the data and it will be up to you to find what the most impactful trends are.  

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