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  • Project Meetup is an event centered around the latest and greatest developments in the field of project data analytics to keep you plugged in. Short, sharp 15 min case studies and demos.

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    The Power of Data Persuasion: Optimising your Data-driven Business Case

    When extracting insights from project data, a symptom of not understanding the problem statement, is that we often get overwhelmed and dive in without any substantial planning. We end up with several shallow takes on what our data might suggests, but we lack the depth to support and really drive our business case.

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    April 28 18:30 GMT
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    Will Project Data Analytics Reinvent Risk Management?

    Within this session Sue Kershaw, President of the APM, will be chairing a panel discussion on the how advanced data analytics will impact the role of risk management within the project delivery profession. Is this a bump in the journey or will we need to totally reinvent the discipline?

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    Hear from some of the experts in their field including:

    April 28 18:30 GMT
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    Andy Murray
    Director of the Major Projects Association

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    Richard Bendall-Jones
    Risk and Value Manager
    Network Rail

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    Roy Millard
    Founder and Deputy Chair
    APM Assurance Owner of P3 Risk and Assurance

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    Martin Paver
    CEO of Projecting Success
    Founder of the Project Data Analytics Community

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    Dev Amratia
    CEO of nPlan

  • Interactive Event: The Road to Project Data Analytics Greatness, in 2 hours APRIL 19 12:00-14:00

    Within this session James Smith, PhD walked through all the components of project data analytics, through the lens of a project delivery professional. Many existing roles will look radically different in a few years time; for some it will be a matter of adapt or become obsolete.

    How Highways England are Moving an Entire Industry Towards Data Driven Projects APRIL 14 18:30-20:00

    Within his talk Alan Perkins, Head of Complex Infrastructure Programme, provided an overview of how Highways England are beginning to transform how they leverage this data. He walked us through a number of case studies, explain some of the implementation challenges and share their vision for what is coming in the next couple of years. A mixture of real case studies, insights and vision, including how they won digital transformation project of the year 2019.

    The Grand Idea Reveal: With the Project Data Analytics Task Force MARCH 25 18:30-20:00

    Following the launch of the Project Data Analytics Task Force in September, we have seen excellent engagement from project and data professionals from various sectors looking to get involved. The workstreams have been working tirelessly to explore and develop opportunities to accelerate the vision and be an engine for change.

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