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  • Project data analytics will transform how we deliver projects NOVEMBER 10 - 13:15PM

    Project data analytics will transform how we deliver projects. But there is a range of opinions on where and how it will impact. Within this talk I’ll be sharing my thoughts on what a data-driven project management future could look like – from initiation, through delivery and into post-project benefits realisation – and how this will impact all of us across the profession.

    Process Management is all about data NOVEMBER 10 - 13:30PM

    Buildots enables contractors to collect, analyse and act on data from the construction site, to help them make the best decisions. Artificial Intelligence leverages the capacity of a simple hardhat mounted camera and state-of-the-art computer vision algorithms to track all activities on-site. By comparing reality to the design and schedule, Buildots provides the site management team full control over all aspects of the project in real-time.

    AI-Driven Project Management NOVEMBER 10 - 13:45PM

    Sharktower is AI-driven project management and it is for anyone who has had enough of siloed working, delayed updates and missed deadlines. Not only does it increase the efficiency of managing projects, but under the surface, Sharktower’s ML models analyse data to spot problems before they happen, showing project health, slippage and team sentiment in a truly objective way. Sharktower increases the probability of delivering projects on time, on budget, and engaging the whole business in achieving successful business outcomes.

    The Coronavirus infodemic NOVEMBER 10 - 14:00PM

    The Coronavirus infodemic – Making sense of the data overload in construction. This case study will demonstrate what project management professionals can learn from the COVID-19 infodemic. AutoMutatio will be sharing how they can equip the world to find value in change using the case study of the COVID-19 infodemic. Showing how insights have been gained by monitoring the advice provided to the UK during COVID 19 and how this learning can be applied to construction projects. For example, Friday up to 3x more change lands on Friday – as people head home for the weekend.

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