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    To sign up to the event please go to our meetup page here: https://bit.ly/32hk47O Risk management has existed for decades. But how many times do we go back and analyse how many times we got it right? How good were we at managing risk? We leave a forensic data plume that evaporates, yet it contains a huge amount of insight. Rather than relying on expert judgement, can we use risk to augment our instinct and counter inbuilt bias? What will the impact of this be on traditional project based risk management roles? Within this session Sue Kershaw, President of the APM, will be c
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    To sign up to the event: https://bit.ly/3sDj7C4 The Road to Project Data Analytics Greatness is back! After popular demand, we have decided to rerun our interactive session for those who couldn't attend! Within this session James Smith, PhD will be walking you through all the components of project data analytics, through the lens of a project delivery professional. Many existing roles will look radically different in a few years time; for some it will be a matter of adapt or become obsolete. We will cover everything that we'll need in our armoury to adapt over the coming years.
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    To attend the event please go to Meetup: https://bit.ly/39qKNTh Infrastructure projects are rich in data, but we often struggle to leverage it. The data isn’t just on performance metrics and cubic metres of soil, we also capture data on supplier performance, compensation events, and a wide variety of other data. This data is held at every level of our supply chain. Within his talk Alan Perkins, Head of Complex Infrastructure Programme, will be providing an overview of how Highways England are beginning to transform how they leverage this data. He will walk us through a number of c
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    To attend the event please go to: https://bit.ly/2PmjYsy When extracting insights from project data, a symptom of not understanding the problem statement, is that we often get overwhelmed and dive in without any substantial planning. We end up with several shallow takes on what our data might suggests, but we lack the depth to support and really drive our business case. This talk will showcase the importance of meticulously planning your approach to optimise your implementation of data analytics. Rishi will provide a demonstration in identifying the use case, conceptually designin
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    We have all worked in organisations that suffer from MI overload, that create constant reporting cycles and seem to have endless data but yet are not very data-driven when it comes to decision making. Very few of the many project reports and portfolio dashboards that we create today are actually used effectively by stakeholders to either stay informed or make decisions (still heavily relying on meeting discussions and ad-hoc verbal updates). As we accelerate advances in project data analytics and the application of machine learning in project predictability, we need to ensure the outputs ar
  6. Effective project data analytics requires data; lots of data. There is a split across industry into how this challenge is tackled, divided into various camps. I’ve summarised them into 5 areas but I recognise that it is difficult to capture all the nuances within such a short blog. 1. Closed systems. This is where a few companies are heading, creating their own vaults of data to shape their own models and analysis. We are seeing these starting to proliferate, from waste to project performance, schedules to risk. Each is individual silos, with bespoke T&Cs. Beliefs: Data is
  7. In 2017 we met with people from the NHS and Network Rail to discuss the challenge of learning from experience and how advanced data analytics holds the key. I then developed a paper with Dr Stephen Duffield that summarised our research into 20,000 lessons lesson; we concluded that the process just doesn’t work. We take the complexity of a project and boil the experience down into a few trite paragraphs that are often statements of the obvious. Even today, a recent paper from Grant Mills et al highlights that “the industry as a whole is failing to learn from known failures“. We saw then th
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    Our second masterclass of 2021 will be led by Chris Huntingford! This class will focus on giving you a full overview of the components within Microsoft's Power Platform and how they can be leveraged in your specific areas. We will take a look at the technical architecture and then snap this to several use cases to bring the technology to life. Some more information about Chris and his work: “I’m a geek and proud to admit it! I’m also a rather large, talkative South African who plays drums, wears horrendous Hawaiian shirts and has an affinity for engaging in as many social gatherings a
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    In the field of Project Data Analytics a lot of what is possible is unrecognised by the majority of the project community. We developed Project:Hack to show the art of the possible within a weekend. Project:Hack was created to provide a platform for professionals and students to get hands-on experience working with data on real business challenges. Our 8th instalment of Project:Hack is on the horizon and we're looking to optimise your experience by building your competitive appetite and preparing you for the upcoming event. This talk will feature guest speakers and advocates of Project:H
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    Project:Hack8 is the leading community event for helping to transform how we deliver projects via data. Get involved and make a difference. About this Event Welcome to Project:Hack 8 - our 8th Project Data Analytics Hackathon! £5000 worth of prizes! COVID-19 Compliant - fully online If you would like to help shape how projects are delivered in the future, then Project:Hack will give you the opportunity to work with and influence major players in industry who share this bold vision and passion. Data Science is transforming how projects are delivered, it can save billion
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