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    https://bit.ly/2QyDti9 We asked you at our last meetup, "how big of an impact do you think project data analytics will have on your role within the next 3 years". 96% believed there would be at least a significant impact, with some believing in a complete evolution. With a growing demand for advanced data analytics across projects, its been a case of adapting or being left behind for both organisations and individuals. At this masterclass we have real case studies of organisations and individuals who have brought data analytics to the forefront of their work. Are you from a non-
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    https://bit.ly/3xuA7x6 The Project Data Analytics Communtiy are building a collaborative approach to drive advanced data analytics and data science within project delivery. This talk will show you how we can help build your career through connections, developing skills, getting access to data, building use-cases and more. Get access to real data sets, use-cases and solutions: Our initiatives range from presenting guest talks from thoughtleaders in industry, to networking with various professionals in data and projects to build real solutions for real business use cases in va
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