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    3RD/4TH JUNE 2021, ONLINE


    Project:Hack takes place 3 weekends per year and brings together business analysts, project delivery experts and data scientists / analysts to push boundaries and develop innovative solutions to enhance project delivery outcomes. Working as part of a team, attendees tackle real world industry challenges using datasets from major players. Upskill with masterclasses delivered by industry experts. Network with others who share this vision and passion and influence some major players. Compete to win thousands pounds worth of great prizes. All profits from ticket sales go to Cancer Research UK.

    Register here for Project:Hack 9
  • "An amazing event! Well organised, highly motivated people, masterclasses were very educational. Some organisations would charge a lot for this! Superlative service to the community"



    prize pot




  • "An eye-opening event showcasing what can be achieved when a diversity of skills is applied to a focused problem...without any time to procrastinate"

    Location: Virtual Environment (Microsoft Teams)

    Rules & Good Practice:

    Be nice, work collegiately, help each other. We’ve all given up a weekend to be here.

    All teams retain ownership of whatever they have created during the Hackathon. You can choose to make your code available as open source to provide a way for other people sharing your vision to contribute to your project, however choosing to do so is entirely up to you.

    Hackathons are like marathons. Some people go to compete but most people take part to better themselves and have fun. Whatever the reason is you're at a hackathon, make sure you're upholding the hacker spirit by collaborating with other teams, helping beginners, and having fun.

    No discrimination, harassment, bullying or anything else that may impact your co-hackers.

    Have fun!

    Submission Deadline:

    Sunday 6pm GMT. Please Ensure your presentation video, code and data are all in a zip file when submitted
  • Hack 8 - 1st Place
    MARCH 20/21st
    09:00AM - 17:00PM

    1st place went to team 5a, a challenge set by Gleeds to create a tool that allows us to track the price trends of key materials such as steel, concrete, copper and currency fluctuations.
    Through their output, a webscraping tool was created to scrape prices of the key materials which was connected to a power bi dashboard to visualise price trends over time by an SQL database.

    Hack 8 - 2nd Place
    MARCH 20/21st
    09:00AM - 17:00PM

    2nd place went to challenge 9a, leveraging the data from the Highways England A14 project to conduct analytics on schedule performance. Thanks to nPlan for their support on this.

    Challenge Overview
    Can we track changes to a programme over time, looking at tasks over time to understand how certain types of activity have changed from the original plan to the present day, or forecast how they might change in the future?

    Hack 8 - 3rd Place
    MARCH 20/21st
    09:00AM - 17:00PM

    Challenge Overview

    Can we create a tool that allows us to track the price trends of key materials such as steel, concrete, copper and currency fluctuations?


    A webscraping tool to scrape prices of key materials including steel, concrete and copper as well as currency fluctuations. A dashboard to display these prices, price trends over time and key analytics. A plan to deploy this solution into a production environment.


    eradicate the manual task of extracting this information. create a more standardised way of capturing and storing this data. allow us to conduct more trend analysis into prices and inflation of materials.

    Project Hack 7 NOVEMBER 7/8th
    9:00AM - 5:00PM

    If you would like to help shape how projects are delivered in the future, then Project:Hack will give you the opportunity to work with and influence major players in industry who share this bold vision and passion. Data Science is transforming how projects are delivered, it can save billions for society, improve certainty in outcomes and change the face of the project management profession forever.

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