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    • Mental Health Reporting App - Hack 9 - Challenge 3

      Long Description:

      The solution guides the user through several questions regarding their mental health, with additional information requested for more severe cases and this information can then be sent to HR or their line manager. The app then gives an overall rating at the end, including several metrics.  


      Item Image: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nQapIPeU3qI
    • Health And Safety Hazard Reporting Tool - Hack 9 - Challenge 2

      Long Description:

      The App is comprised of 4 pages: Home page, Incident Page, Hazard Page and Submission Page. The home page consists of login buttons for the 2 types of users: H&S manager and site personnel. It has buttons to navigate to the Incident page (just H&S managers) and Hazard page (all users). 

      The Incident page has a gallery to view/edit existing incidents, as well as a form to submit a new incident. On submission of the form, the user is sent to the submission page. This page is only visible to H&S managers. 

      The hazard page is a form to submit a new hazard. At the bottom the user can submit a photo of the hazard. On submission the user is taken to the submission page. 

      The submission page displays a message to show the submission was successful and has navigation buttons to the incident and hazard pages (whichever are accessible to the user). 

      Item Image: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xcsV5h-enPY
    • Health And Safety Regulatory Compliance - Hack 9 - Challenge 2

      Long Description:

      The dashboard is just one main page. At the top there are cards showing key information, like number of incidents in the last month, year, YTD etc. There is a large table showing all the information with entries for all the incidents, and all the information needed for RIDDOR compliance. There is a graph in the top right-hand corner to show incidents over time, as well as a monthly rolling average. Finally, there are filters for time, Category, Section and Classification, allowing you to narrow down both the table entries, as well as filtering the cards to get the same metrics but for specific categories, such as the number of near misses.  


      Item Image: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9uQBoWlP2B0 Files For Download: 573917005_RegulatoryComplianceuserguide.zip
    • Project Plan Evolution - Hack 11 - Challenge 1

      Long Description:

      The solution provides a general overview of the activities, milestones and links for the project. Then goes into detail regarding the variance between planned and actual start / end dates for activities and milestones. Finally, it demonstrates a feature we would want to add had the data not be anonymised where we highlight key ‘high risk’ or ‘mission critical’ activities such as cranage and finds the average delay of any of these activities across multiple projects, which can then be used to derive an average cost for this risk. 


      Item Image: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rDcRaKmAjDw Files For Download: 102429710_PROJECTPLANEVOLUTIONDASHBOARD.pbix
    • Training Certificate Cataloguing Tool - Hack 10 - Challenge 4

      Long Description:

      The solution consists of a collection of python scripts, and some folders which store templates/ json data. The scripts are: 

      Main.py, which is the script which is run in the terminal. 

      PDFparser.py, which sends the PDF to Microsoft azure form recognizer, and produces a json file 

      JSONparser.py which extracts the information needed from the json file, either by using a template from the folder, or by calling a GUI for the user to draw a new template. 

      GUIbits.py handles the running of the GUI 


      Item Image: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GwEimEYRNG0 Files For Download: Code.zip
    • Risk Register - Hack 7

      Long Description:

      Users can quickly begin to create risk registers for projects and easily add risks by selecting items from the pre populated dropdowns. Once a register has been created, it can be updated to adjust the risks as the project progresses. Previous versions of the register can also be viewed.  
      For each project, a risk pot and insight page is auto-generated. The risk pot summarises the financial costs of the risks that are present, whilst the insight page displays visuals using the data that has been recorded for the selected project.  


      Item Image: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ui3cupbaUnc Files For Download: 567900464_RiskRegisterTool.msapp
    • Design Performance Insights - Hack 9 - Challenge 6

      Long Description:

      A solution to manage design performance on a construction project and gain performance insights across a portfolio of construction projects. Using data exported from a Tier 1 Main Contractors Common Data Environment (CDE) across their national portfolio of projects, key performance indicators such as number of revisions, RFIs and other meta-data is analysed in real time. Some interesting insights were gained from this dataset that facilitated targeted action. With the addition of other datasets such as programme updates the power of this solution will increase greatly. Data can be viewed through a number of filters including Project Value, Location, Sector and Project Status. 

      Design Performance Insights Dashboard.pbix

      Item Image: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=saF363qyJXA
    • Timesheet App - Hack 10 - Challenge 10

      Long Description:

      For any given week, employees can log multiple entries at once, including time spent on different projects. There is also the option to copy weekly hours from a previous week to make things much quicker. Employees can then view all of their entries and their corresponding status’. Once an employee has submitted a time entry, their manager will be able to review this entry and respond to it. 

      Project Managers have the ability to use the invoicing page. Entries can be filtered by the client/project/contract and month, this data will appear in a table that summarises the hours employees have spent working on a project, their hourly rate, and the total that is to be paid by the client for this work. This table can then be exported to a dynamic invoice template which also pre-populates information such as the client’s address.  



      Item Image: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l98aZMXsZHA Files For Download: 1609883990_TimesheetApp.zip
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