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Found 6 results

  1. Register here: Why we Need to Rethink Complex Mega Projects | Meetup We routinely label expensive projects as complex projects but does this generalisation lead us to mismanage how they are delivered? On HS2, is the process of laying hundreds of mile of track complex? Should we be adapting our approach based upon the extent to which the project is subject to change, i.e. how emergent it is? But how do we know where we are? How can data help us along this journey and enable us to understand the current and emerging position? Data can probably help us with the elements of a project which are known and repetitive, but what about the parts of a projects that are in flux? Can we plan our way out of these? Can data help us by deploying probes to detect where we are and how the environment is evolving; can it help us with lead indicators? How should we be managing complexity and what role does data have to play? Dave Snowden is an internationally renowned guru on complexity and has kindly agreed to share his insights into a range of crunchy issues facing the project delivery profession. When he delivered his talk to our community in 2019 it was one of our most popular! It provided a perspective that many hadn’t considered before. We are delighted to welcome him back so we can dig a little deeper. Dave Snowden is CSO and Founder of Cognitive Edge and Director of the Cynefin Centre. He has pioneered a science based approach to organisations drawing on anthropology, neuroscience and complex adaptive systems theory. He is a popular and passionate keynote speaker on a range of subjects, and is well known for his pragmatic cynicism and iconoclastic style. He holds positions as extra-ordinary Professor at the Universities of Pretoria and Stellenbosch as well as visiting Professor at the University of Hull in The Centre for Systems Studies.
  2. After popular demand, a new and improved Project Data Analytics event with James Smith, PhD is here! He will be walking you through all the components of project data analytics, through the lens of a project delivery professional. Many existing roles will look radically different in a few years time; for some it will be a matter of adapt or become obsolete. Project Data Analytics can be used to support project delivery through: • Anticipate variance and future cast • To scenario plan the future and optimise its navigation • Manipulating probabilities and accepting that the future is not predetermined • Sense team and supplier performance; forensically examining individual performance, cohesion, collaboration and its impact on project goals. • Interrogate the connectivity between disparate elements of a project and extract insights. • Automate repetitive and burdensome roles, releasing capacity for higher value activity. • Interrogate and visualise data and discover new insights. • Build and communicate data-driven business cases across various stakeholders. Start your Journey in Project Data Analytics with this talk. We will cover everything that we'll need in our armoury to adapt over the coming years. From Power BI to automation, data pipelines to Python. We will explain why we'll need it, what we can do with it and how to go about it all in a practical manner. What do you think?! These capabilities are becoming mainstream and a key part of our future project delivery roles. Don’t get left behind, get on board now!
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    Register here: How The IPA are Harnessing the Power of Data to Support Major Projects | Meetup The UK government delivers some of the most complex and innovative projects in the world. This requires a world class project delivery capability: Government needs to be rigorous and fearless in its evaluation of policy and projects. To this end they have commissioned IPA to develop the systems, capability and capacity necessary to achieve that objective. The Infrastructure and Projects Authority (IPA) is the government’s centre of expertise for infrastructure and major projects, supporting the successful delivery of all types of major projects. This talk is led by Mark Hunter the Deputy Director for Performance, Benchmarking & Data at IPA. Mark will take us through the role data plays in IPA's covering the unique remit and breadth of data and analysis work at play. He will underline initiatives and involvement which help progress the vision of project data analytics, In addition to outlining the challenges of data collection and processing across Government.
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    https://bit.ly/3tCC3AH Sir Robert McAlpine have been at the forefront of the transition to project data analytics. They have a vision that is helping to shape the industry. Grant Findlay has taken a leading role in mapping out this vision, from shaping the strategy for the Project Data Analytics Task Force through to chairing the Construction Data Trust. He is also championing transformational change within his business, with partners and in the wider supply chain. Grant will set out why and how he believes the profession needs to change, the potential prize available to us and share insights into his journey so far. Although his challenge is focused on the construction industry, the insights will be applicable to every sector that aspires to transition towards data driven project delivery.
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    https://bit.ly/2QyDti9 We asked you at our last meetup, "how big of an impact do you think project data analytics will have on your role within the next 3 years". 96% believed there would be at least a significant impact, with some believing in a complete evolution. With a growing demand for advanced data analytics across projects, its been a case of adapting or being left behind for both organisations and individuals. At this masterclass we have real case studies of organisations and individuals who have brought data analytics to the forefront of their work. Are you from a non-data background and looking into transitioning into data? or perhaps how you can use data to optimise your current role. Hear from speaker Jozef Quinn on how his journey with data ignited and how he made the transition from an mechanical engineer into a Business Reporting Analyst at Costain. For those with bold ambitions for data analytics, hear from Jon Kirby, Director at Ishango Ltd and Dan Maddocks Director at Buildata Ltd on how they have been able to establish successful data analytics consultancies operating within the project delivery space. Engage with our speakers and learn about what drove their ambition, the challenges they faced, their methods to overcoming these challenges and where they see the market currently and in the future. A short Q&A will be held at the end for you to ask questions and recieve advice from the presenters.
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    To attend the event please go to: https://bit.ly/2PmjYsy When extracting insights from project data, a symptom of not understanding the problem statement, is that we often get overwhelmed and dive in without any substantial planning. We end up with several shallow takes on what our data might suggests, but we lack the depth to support and really drive our business case. This talk will showcase the importance of meticulously planning your approach to optimise your implementation of data analytics. Rishi will provide a demonstration in identifying the use case, conceptually designing a data model, understanding the metrics and designing powerful visualisations. Speaker Bio: Rishi is a consultant in the Analytics Experience team at Avanade with a keen interest in Power BI Governance, effective data modeling, and self-serve architecture. His implementations have an increased focus on adoption, monitoring, and rollout strategies. He leads the delivery of strategic and insightful reporting solutions for global FTSE 100 companies. A Data Platform MVP and Chartered Accountant by background, Rishi brings together this financial and analytical prowess to design BI solutions that drive impactful decision-making. He also runs Power Platform Finance and Learn Data Insights communities.
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